HYDROLOC SDN BHD is established with the vision of offering customized, affordable, easy application, long-lasting, advanced technology based, building and infrastructure waterproofing solutions.

Combining the extensive knowledge from seasoned experts in the field of concrete structure, civil engineering and chemistry, our HYDROLOC team is able to incorporate decades of actual industrial experience with the latest scientific research materials to produce cutting edge waterproofing solutions for all kinds of building and infrastructure applications.

Waterproofing products developed by HYDROLOC are meticulously tested and improved upon on actual projects sites to not only prove its effectiveness, but also to ease application experience for project contractors under actual working conditions. Easy application saves time and improves work efficiency for project coordination. The durability of all our products gives property owners long-term peace of mind against water leaking concerns. Our products are backed by the service of professional inspection of the site prior to application as well as service warranty certification by our authorized applicators upon completion.

Because we know every building waterproofing scenario may differ, HYDROLOC offers truly customized waterproofing to comprehensively solve the problem. Our structure engineers and concrete specialist will conduct a professional analysis of your building waterproofing scenario and provide this information to our HYDROLOC factory to ensure you get the right waterproofing solution, fresh from the factory, for your particular building scenario. This ensures you get a customized manufactured HYDROLOC solution to ensure the integrity of our waterproofing product last well beyond our service warranty period.

Taken together, HYDROLOC probably provides the most cost worthy comprehensive protection for buildings and infrastructures against water seepage.