Hydroloc Services


HYDROLOC CRYSTALLINE is a crystallising additive that absorbs into a cementitious surface to increase density, hardness, and strength of the concrete while retaining its breathability. HYDROLOC CRYSTALLINE crystallising additives absorbs below the surface of concrete and chemically reacts with the calcium hydroxide (CaOH2) and other by-products of cement hydration present in the concrete.

This catalytic reaction will start near the concrete surface… forming insoluble crystals to seal the fine capillaries and stop water seepage. Crystalline growth continues to develop and expand as it seeps deeper into the concrete. HYDROLOC CRYSTALLINE active ingredient and some by-products of cement hydration will remain locked in the crystalline formation and will react again whenever water is present.


  • * Becomes an integral part of the concrete, not a surface coating. Will not tear, puncture or come apart at the seams
  • * Cost effective… safe time, logistics and labor costs
  • * Seals hairline cracks within concrete
  • * Resist extreme hydrostatic pressure
  • * Non-toxic, safe and harmless
  • * Can be applied to the positive and negative side of concrete
  • * Not subject to weather deterioration
  • * Keeps water out yet still allow concrete to breath
  • * Does not need to be applied on a dry surface
  • * Long lasting


Substrates to be sealed must be a minimum of 28 days old and/or be fully cured. The surface must be clean and porous enough to allow absorption into the substrate.

Surfaces should be clean and free of contaminants, dust, dirt, debris, mildew, oil, grease, paint. Under certain conditions, a precipitate may be deposited as the crystalline additive solution dries. On other occasions the substrates will react with the crystalline additive before it is absorbed into the surface leaving a white precipitate. This white precipitate does not affect sealer performance and will reactivate again whenever water is present.


  • * Form : Red clear liquid
  • * Flash point : Non-flammable
  • * Specific gravity range : 1.01 ~ 1.11
  • * Odour : None
  • * Solubility in water : Complete
  • * Toxicity : Non-toxic


When applying material, maintain a wet surface to allow the crystalline additive to absorb deeper over a dry area. Generally, only one application is required. If additional coats are desired, wait approximately 1 hour between coats.

For large areas, low pressure airless spray equipment is very effective. For medium sized jobs, a simple hand pumped garden type sprayer can be used. For very small jobs you can use a spray bottle or brush to aid in spreading. For deep absorption due to the low viscosity we do not recommend applying with roller to achieve maximum saturation.

HYDROLOC ‘DAM IT’ concentrated crystalline additive can be used to patch larger visible cracks, honeycombs or tie holes and can act as a preventive plug for water to accumulate. HYDROLOC DENSIFIX concrete epoxy rectification resin can be used as a permanent seal for larger structural cracks.

For exposed concrete surface, protection layer of waterproofing compound is required to apply. HYDROLOC advance flexible polymer membrane or protection crystalline cement screed also can be protection for the crystalline additive treated concrete.

For non-exposed concrete, cementitious waterproofing slurry can be applied as a protection layer over crystalline additive treated concrete.