Hydroloc Services


HYDROLOC DENSIFIX is a monomer thermosetting advanced polymer resin, complete waterproofing system with built-in plant root barrier and ultraviolet light protection. HYDROLOC DENSIFIX reinforced resin is a two part component waterproofing that provides an impenetrable barrier to water and plant root growth. The highly mastic resin absorbs through the concrete surface into concrete pores and capillary while bridging cracks within, and on, the surface of the concrete. The resin is highly absorbing and can be easily applied around edges and corners without joints. HYDROLOC DENSIFIX is great to bridge and seal larger cracks across concrete structures.

HYDROLOC DENSIFIX flexible, yet rigid, coating blocks any type of plant root without damaging the plant. It is the ideal waterproofing system for buildings with rooftop gardening. HYDROLOC DENSIFIX cutting edge formula is especially designed for high strength yet easily applied cold with a roller and brush. HYDROLOC DENSIFIX final coating provides ultraviolet light protection to ensure long-term integrity and rigidity over the entire system.

Cost differentiates the basic types of waterproofing and green roof systems. Higher complexity systems requires many layers of different types of membranes (extensive) and some requires strict surface preparation (intensive). HYDROLOC DENSIFIX allows building rooftops to be certified plant root resistant and is a truly complete system for simplicity as well as economics of cost.


  • * Concrete rooftop
  • * Concrete water tanks
  • * Metal water tanks
  • * Constructing swimming pools
  • * Rooftop planter boxes
  • * High-value subterranean concrete structures
  • * Concrete crack repairs


  • Drying time : 4 hours at temperatures of 20 degrees Celsius and relatively humidity
  • Application : Roller, brush, squeegee and airless spray
  • Color : Lime green and sky blue
  • Packing : 18 liter bucket


Prior concrete testing and technical advisory consultation are available as an additional service.